Thank you for visiting the EuroSCORE website. Various EuroSCORE calculators are available for your unrestricted use. Please note that the downloadable caluclators are for the older "additive" and "logistic" EuroSCOREs, and not the current EuroSCORE II (2011). The latter may be used exclusively on online the EuroSCORE website after 3rd October 2011.


You can try the system now with our online Javascipt  interactive calculator
  • Available in six languages
  • Logistic or additive
  • Requires no specific software (other than your browser)
NEW! You can download a Microsoft Excel calculator
  • Available in English / French / Spanish
  • Logistic or additive
  • Requires Microsoft Excel
  • Print option including patient and operation details
  • Select "PRINTABLE" from the Excel calculator and print out your EuroSCORE Calculations on a single sheet of A4/Letter.
  • NEW VERSION!  Designed for research applications requiring many EuroSCORE calulations is this new research calculator (30 patients) or research calculator (500 patients) 


We are currently developing Pocket EuroSCORE calculators  
You can download a Microsoft Access calculator.
  • Available in English only
  • Additive only
  • Requires Microsoft Access
  • This calculator is no longer supported and has been superseded by the excel calculator