EuroSCORE is the world's best-known cardiac surgery risk stratification model

EuroSCORE calculator

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Obtain your patient's EuroSCORE here using the current EuroSCORE Il calculator. The original EuroSCORE calculators (additive and logistic) are also available.

about EuroSCORE

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EuroSCORE is a simple, objective and user-friendly system for assessing the risk of heart surgery in adults. It is based on an international multicentre database.

EuroSCORE 3 in development

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EuroSCORE 3 is coming. It will be larger and more accurate than EuroSCORE II and reflect current patients and practice.

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Royal Papworth is seeking partners to support the future development of EuroSCORE. This presents a unique opportunity for organisations and individuals.

Royal Papworth Hospital

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EuroSCORE is curated by Royal Papworth Hospital.

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